Caspyn West Coast Dry GiN



Our West Coast Dry Gin is a refreshing and crisp gin with a citrus undertone. A total of 12 botanical's are infused into this gorgeous gin, including three locally foraged fynbos; Rooibos, Honeybush and Pelargonium Citronellum.

The West Coast Dry Gin is easy on the palate and can be enjoyed neat, as a gin and tonic or in a variation of cocktails. See our recipes page for more info and options on how to best enjoy.

The unique design makes the bottle one of the most beautiful on the market. Decorated with an on-bottle organic print. The octopus inspired design creates a life-like magnification that wraps around the bottle, always adapting to different light and environment. Caspyn comes in a beautiful double box packaging so just unveiling your bottle is an experience itself!

The West Coast Dry Gin is the first South African version of a range of Caspyn gins started by our Cornish ‘sister distillery’: Pocketful Of Stones.