Aromatic, Rooibos and Orange Bitters. Botanically infused, gravity strained, hand pressed, hand mixed and soft filtered. In the true essence of the craft spirits industry; every bottle has also been hand filled and hand labeled.

The Mutiny Aromatic is our answer to the traditional, most common bitters. IT's balance between taste and aroma is perfect; a true compliment to many cocktails and even 'soft drink' mixers such as a Rockshandy.

The Mutiny Rooibos is a worlds first! This has to be tasted to really be appreciated. The balance between bitter, sweet and rooibos sends tingles from the palate to the toes. The possibilities are endless with this flavor enhancer; from a Rooibos Rockshandy, to a dash to compliment a Caspyn Gin & Tonic and of course a large selection of cocktails.

The Mutiny Orange has a unique bitter, sweet taste and a powerful Orange aroma to the nose. A gorgeous addition to many cocktails, with an especially pleasant taste twist to the traditional whisky cocktail; An Old Fashioned. But it doesn't stop there, experimentation is your best drinking buddy with this one!

All our Bitters products are hand crafted and botanically infused. Our process is natural and the end result does contain natural sediment. We could filter it all out, but this would result in a lesser product, lesser taste and lesser character. We wont do that, sediment is where all the goodness lies. If you don't like the idea of that ... well ... you can always try rise mutiny against it! But we suggest you rather give it a shake, add a dash, and enjoy a whole new taste experience to your drink.